Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Personalised Novel

You choose who is swept away in this original classic by Lewis Carroll; any name can take the place of Alice within this iconic story. Throughout this novel Alice meets an array of colourful characters with familiar names. With the option to customise up to 5 other characters, your Alice can take this adventure with friends. You can match personalities of your friends to the optional characters to customise including: The White Rabbit, who is running late and begins the adventure into Wonderland; The Queen of Hearts, a foul tempered ruler loves to yell 'off with their heads!'; The King of Hearts, who likes to pardon the Queen's doomed subjects; The Mad Hatter, who loves tea parties and asks why a raven is like a writing desk; and The Cheshire Cat, a mischievous and confusing character who likes to befuddle our leading lady.

Please note that the characters will keep their original gender throughout the story. 

Character List

Alice (will appear as 'Name') 

The cover and title page will remain as 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland'

The White Rabbit (will appear as ‘Name the Rabbit’)

The Queen Of Hearts (will appear as ‘Queen Name’)

The King of Hearts (will appear as ‘King Name’)

The Mad Hatter (will appear as ‘Name the Hatter’)

The Cheshire Cat (will appear as ‘Name the Cat’)

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