Wizard of Oz Personalised Novel

Dorothy is renamed in this personalized version of L. Frank Baum's colourful story where she is swept away to the wonderful land of Oz. Your heroine has to travel to the Emerald City, meeting Munchkins, witches and enchanted creatures of different shapes and sizes along the way. Other characters that can be customised throughout the book, include: Toto, Dorothy's beloved canine companion; The Scarecrow, a true friend of Dorothy's despite his lack of brains; The Tin Woodsman, who becomes a part of your heart despite not having one of his own; The Cowardly Lion, who's lack of courage makes him lovable; and the Wicked Witch of the West, who's evil ways need to be stopped before she steals the magical silver shoes from Dorothy!

Please note that the characters will keep their original gender throughout the story.

Character List

Dorothy (will appear as 'Name') 

Toto (will appear as 'Name') 

The Scarecrow (will appear as ‘Name the Scarecrow’)

The Tin Woodman (will appear as ‘Name the Tin Woodman’)

The Cowardly Lion (will appear as ‘Name the Cowardly Lion’)

The Wicked Witch of the West (will appear as ‘Name the Wicked Witch of the West’)

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