Pride & Prejudice Personalised Novel

Jane Austin's story of love and manners is adapted to include names of your choice. You choose your own heroine by replacing Elizabeth Bennet with a name of your choice and follow her story of heartache and love for the wealthy Mr Darcy. Choose to leave his name as Mr Darcy, or add a name of your choice to the proud character that can't help but fall in love with the headstrong Elizabeth. Other names that can be customised include: Jane Bennet, the older and prettier sister of our heroine who has her own tale of forbidden love; Charles Bingley, Darcy's best friend, falls in love with Jane but is easily influenced by the pride of his snobbish sister; Lydia Bennet, the youngest Bennet sister, who's impulsive ways bring shame on the family; and George Wickham, a cad and former acquaintance of Darcy's, who leads Lydia astray.

Please be aware that only first names of the characters are amended and they will keep their original gender throughout the story.

Elizabeth Bennet (will appear as ‘Name Bennet’)

Fitzwilliam Darcy (will appear as ‘Name Darcy’)

Jane Bennet (will appear as ‘Name Bennet’)

Charles Bingley (will appear as ‘Name Bingley’)

George Wickham (will appear as ‘Name Wickham’)

Lydia Bennet (will appear as ‘Name Bennet’)


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