Wind in the Willows Personalised Novel

Whether this is a gift for a child, or a child at heart, this classic novel makes an ideal gift, with the iconic characters renamed after loved ones. Kenneth Grahame's Mole is given a first name of your choice in this adventure where he decides to break from his bored routine to go on an adventure, along the way he meets an array of characters that can also be customised with names of your choice. Ratty the Rat, whom Mole meets on the river, becomes the travel companion of your main character; Badger, the recluse who lives alone in the wild woods; Toad, the eccentric and impulsive lord of Toad Hall; The Jailer's Daughter, who helps Toad escape from prison; and Chief Weasel, leader of the band of weasels, stoats and ferrets who plan to overthrow Toad and take over Toad Hall.

Please note that the characters will keep their original gender throughout the story.

Character List

Toad (will appear as ‘Name the Toad’)

Mole (will appear as ‘Name the Mole’)

Rat (will appear as ‘Name the Rat’)

Badger (will appear as ‘Name the Badger’)

The Gaoler’s Daughter (will appear as ‘Name the Gaoler’s Daughter’)

Chief Weasel (will appear as ‘Name the Chief Weasel’)

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